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Month: January, 2012

The New Search for Passion

“Google is too powerful, too arrogant, too entrenched to be worth our love. Let them defend themselves, I’d rather devote my emotional energy to the upstarts and startups. They deserve our passion.” – Nelson Minar

Merlin Mann: Makebelieve Help, Old Butchers, and Figuring Out Who You Are

“Some people don’t start making money until you forget who you are”

Slab City – Opting out of Public Services

A nearby RV has a generator. There’s no running water, no power lines, no sewage service and no trash pickup, which can give the place a Mad Max post-apocalyptic feel. Rusted bicycles and box springs peek through small mountains of twisted metal. – Gloria Hillard


“There are times I don’t want to be marketed to.” – Dave Winer

“Either what I cre­ate is remark­able or what I cre­ate is unread.”

” I don’t want to make it easy to share what I write. If it’s as remark­able as it ought to be, it will be shared. There will not, how­ever, be any casual tweets or likes. Besides, those but­tons waste a lot of space and tend to ruin the read­ing expe­ri­ence.” – J. D. Bentley


“Never before has it been so important to say ‘no.’ No, I’m not going to read that article. No, I’m not going to read that email. No, I’m not going to take that phone call. No, I’m not going to site through that meeting.” – Peter Bregman, 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and […]

Your ‘Friends’ Are Making You Unhappy

“Those who have used Facebook longer agreed more that others were happier, and agreed less that life is fair, and those spending more time on Facebook each week agreed more that others were happier and had better lives” – Hui-Tzu Grace Chou & Nicholas Edge, “‘They Are Happier and Having Better Lives than I Am': […]

Gizmodo Encourages Unfriendship

“When in doubt…Err on the antisocial side. If you’re not sure whether to keep someone in your fake digital social life or not, remind yourself that it’s a fake digital social life and trim the fat. The people who actually matter will never be on the chopping block to begin with. Chop chop. Chop.” – […]

“Just stop emailing me.”

“I am getting to the point where I want to stop everyone but people I know and work with from emailing me. I don’t want people calling me on my phone to sell me stuff or inform me of things that they think I should know. My email is rapidly becoming that way. No more […]