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Month: February, 2012


“One thing that I find missing is discovery of non-new content. The web is completely oriented around new-thing-on-top. Our brains are also wired to get a rush from novelty. But most “news” we read really doesn’t matter. ” – Evan Williams

Friends != Content Generators

“I believe we all live vicariously through the people we love and admire, we bask in their stories and their grace. To somehow conclude that it’s beneficial for us to ‘consume the information shared’ by those we love via the heavily branded and advertising-conscious proxy that is Facebook is, in fact, an insult. It’s a […]

“We’ve created 10 core principles completely open for your unique interpretation. We welcome you to join us as we carve a weekly timeout into our lives and to continue the momentum of the National Day of Unplugging throughout the year. On March 11, 2012″

Focus as a Small Opt-out

“We can begin by mimicking the [digital] Sabbath in small, by recognizing that by dedicating time to one activity or one person, without interruption from gadgets, work, or other people, will help us slow down and connect.” – Rebecca J. Rosen,

Opting Out of Gmail

“I want to continue using the Google tools I love without the risk of loosing my online identity by doing something I didn’t know was prohibited (I am still not sure why that Google Adsense account is gone), without the work involved in understanding the entire Google ecosystem to manage my privacy, and without constant […]

Opt-In to Happiness

“All it’s cost me are LOLs and LIKES and YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF EXPLOSIONS and news about startups. It’s more than a fair trade–it’s a no brainer. And I think almost anyone with a job based on information can set up a similar life that is just as enjoyable. It might take a few years, but […]

Running Apart

“Since embracing the silence during my runs, I’ve had a lot of time to think about Static Made (as a whole) and specific client projects in a setting that’s completely removed from a display screen. Pondering technology in the absence of it is liberating. It’s been refreshing and has allowed me to develop creative ideas […]