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Month: June, 2012

Love is Attention

“Giving undivided attention is the first and most basic ingredient in any relationship. It is impossible to communicate, much less bond, with someone who can’t or won’t focus on you.” – Kare Anderson

Taking Back Friendship

“I no longer want my friends to have this passive peepshow into my life and I don’t want to have the same view of theirs. I want us to talk. I want a personal email. I want to find a way to share photos in a way that encourages us to talk about them with […]

“When you start anthropomorphizing an electronic gizmo…”

“When you start anthropomorphizing an electronic gizmo, maybe its time to go outside and get some fresh air. Just a thought.” – tyson jennings

“I want to be open the possibility of gap time.”

“I want to ask people a simple question: are you happy with your relationship with your phone. Do you think it’s a healthy one? I don’t think I have a healthy relationship with mine. I feel a constant need to pull it out – to check email, to text, to see if there is something […]

Be Unafraid

“Fear-mongerers leverage our willingness to pay attention to fearful stimuli in order to generate attention. A fearful newspaper headline captures people’s attention. This draws people into paying attention to the newspaper as a whole, which is precisely the intention of headlines. Likewise, when TV anchors are spouting off fearful information, people are far less willing […]

How Your Choice Isn’t Recognized as Such

“The user’s actions are irrelevant until they choose a browser capable of communicating correctly or make use of some means other than DNT.”

Fast Fooled

“What is the Fast Web? It’s the out of control web. The oh my god there’s so much stuff and I can’t possibly keep up web. It’s the spend two dozen times a day checking web. The in one end out the other web. The web designed to appeal to the basest of our intellectual […]