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Month: December, 2012

Opting for Greater Value

“We’d all be much better off simplifying our technological footprints and consolidating our trust in the few services that provide us the greatest value with the fewest unintended side effects. In the end, I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a quitter.” – Ryan Block “I recently just disabled/deleted most of my public online presence […]

That Presumptuous Bastard

Responding to Incentives

“The sensible thing to do would be to sit down and be quiet, and reflect on what happened. But social media offers no rewards for silence or waiting.” – Daryl Lang (garrick’s note: deletion mine.)

Cubicle FUD

“‘Job security’ is a myth created by big companies to trap you in a boring and unchallenging job. You will sign an employment-at-will agreement at every job you take. ” – Ernie Miller Truth. No organization wants you to fulfill your life’s potential. They just want you to fill the round hole they’ve drawn and […]

It’s Always Something. Always.

“It’s useful when reading this kind of essay to find out what the author is selling, although it usually isn’t this obvious.” – John Shutt

No Sale

I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine founding a company for freedom and control, and then downgrading to a job — a job YOU CAN’T LEAVE. It’s the opposite of everything about the dream of owning your own business. – Amy Hoy

Even VCs are Noticing.

“There’s some magic peace that comes over me when I’m not constantly looking at my iPhone. I really noticed it after two weeks of not doing it. After a few days of withdrawal, the calm appears. My brain is no longer jangly, the dopamine effect of “hey – another email, another tweet” goes away, and […]

Updating Just to Stay in Place

“I’m always feeding the Update Beast. How often have you looked at Non-Technical Friends phone and showed them how they need to update their apps? All the time.” – Scott Hanselman

My Apologies, ‘Users’ is Accurate.

I was riding the LIRR the other day from Queens to Manhattan, and everyone around me was staring into the screen of their smartphone, tapping, typing, clicking. I watched the faces. They looked like the people sitting around in the system lab at the UW Comp Sci Dept in 1978. Same damn thing. Except now […]

Finding Yourself Disconnected @ JSConf EU 2012