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Between You and Me

“Injecting so many menus, no matter how gracefully designed and modern, between your friends and the things you like, seems downright antisocial.” – Sam Biddle


“I see Google as solving legitimately difficult technological problems, not doing stupid things like cloning Facebook. Google, in my opinion, lost sight of what was important when they went down this rabbit hole.” – Spencer Tipping

$0 is No Longer an Innovation

“I wish there were a for-pay service I could switch to which would be easy and fast and nothing would break. I think the free email has killed off all the good for-pay email.” – Dave Winer From Opt Out’s ‘Free as in Lunch’ chapter: “An email client that can handle today’s daily onslaught of […]


“But you know what’s easy to find outside Google Play or Apple’s iTunes? Anything you want.” – Violet Blue

Eating the Free Lunch

“GMail is slow because Google can’t afford to spend a lot on it. But people will pay for this. I’d have no problem paying $50 a month. Considering how much time I spend in email, it’s kind of scary to think how much I’d be justified in paying. At least $1000 a month. If I […]

Opting Out of Gmail

“I want to continue using the Google tools I love without the risk of loosing my online identity by doing something I didn’t know was prohibited (I am still not sure why that Google Adsense account is gone), without the work involved in understanding the entire Google ecosystem to manage my privacy, and without constant […]

The New Search for Passion

“Google is too powerful, too arrogant, too entrenched to be worth our love. Let them defend themselves, I’d rather devote my emotional energy to the upstarts and startups. They deserve our passion.” – Nelson Minar


“There are times I don’t want to be marketed to.” – Dave Winer

“Either what I cre­ate is remark­able or what I cre­ate is unread.”

” I don’t want to make it easy to share what I write. If it’s as remark­able as it ought to be, it will be shared. There will not, how­ever, be any casual tweets or likes. Besides, those but­tons waste a lot of space and tend to ruin the read­ing expe­ri­ence.” – J. D. Bentley