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Their Success Means Destroying Your Memories

It’s good. Though I think Anil overestimates the social value of Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, on the flip side, you won’t know I said this because I don’t have a presence on those places – and I want to be the kind of person that does. Blah.

RSS – More is Less

“I define ‘better’ as something that doesn’t have an unread count. I have enough to-do lists in my life without having a giant unread list of articles in front of me.” – Justin Williams

Adding by Substracting

“…each time I optimize for happiness instead of money, I have accidentally increased my financial returns as well.” – Pete Forde

Charter City: iii Citadel

“The Citadel Community will house between 3,500 and 7,000 patriotic American families who agree that being prepared for the emergencies of life and being proficient with the American icon of Liberty — the Rifle — are prudent measures. There will be no HOA. There will be no recycling police and no local ordinance enforcers from […]

Jim’s Paleo Media Diet

“I just believe that my brain is maladapted to the networked Skinner Box, so I want out. My brain is plastic, but not in a sufficiently adaptive way. In fact it’s probably adapting just fine, but in a fashion that creates a destructive feed forward loop.” – Jim Stogdill

Disconnect While Dining

“Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles offers diners a 5% discount for leaving their phones with the receptionist for the entirety of the meal.” – Erin Kim,

Disconnecting the Home Line

“We are happier. We exercise more and spend more time outside. We don’t feel guilty about wasting away a day staring at nonsense. We don’t overwork ourselves, yet we get much more done when working because we are less tempted by online distractions.” – Greg Skloot

Sam Muirhead Starts a Year of Living Open Source

“For one year I am trying to go as open source as possible, in all aspects of my life – the shoes I wear, the phone I use, even how I get around. I’m not buying any proprietary or traditionally copyrighted products unless all other options are exhausted. I’m looking for and switching to more […]

Just Solve the Problem Month

“What I know to be true is that there are a number of “problems” out there that need to be solved, that need one single thing to push them from “impossible” to “solved”, or, at least, “1.0″. And that thing that it needs is a lot of human thinking. Often rote, often boring, but necessary, […]

EFF’s Computer Owner’s Bill of Rights

Installation of arbitrary applications on the device.If the user wishes to, they should not be limited to what is included in one particular proprietary “app store.” Access to the phone OS at the root/superuser/hypervisor/administrator level.If consumers wish to examine the low-level code that is running in their pockets, to check for invasions of privacy, run […]