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“Burdened by the oppressive need to start a reply with a period (‘.@soandso That looks awesome!’) to ensure it’s not seen by only mutual followers of the person I’m replying to #firstworldproblems” – Mike Keliher


“Writers should be thinking of big ideas, but Twitter sucks you into small, petty battles. It can distract you from the important to the urgent. Like a game of whack-a-mole, you can end up chasing the things that irritate you — hoping to correct every misconception or lie. This is no way to be productive. […]

“The single most valuable resource I have is uninterrupted thought.”

“I’m going to say “no” a hell of a lot more in my life than I ever have, in order that I can put more energy into an increasingly curated set. That is much harder for me than quitting Twitter for a month—or even quitting Twitter entirely.” – Adam Brault

The Return of RSS

“RSS is like a quiet reading room in the library and Twitter is like reading a newspaper at a tailgate party.” – virtual pants

“people == distraction”

“…sometimes you need few days without anyone else to get things done before deadlines. Working remotely off of 12”-13” laptop can give you a boost that you don’t expect…” – Peter Legierski


“I recently deleted Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and Flipboard from my phone, and have been very happy with the result. Today, I am deactivating my Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is not a decision motivated by Lent, and I have no idea at this moment when or if I will reactivate them.” – J Ben Deaton

“Either what I cre­ate is remark­able or what I cre­ate is unread.”

” I don’t want to make it easy to share what I write. If it’s as remark­able as it ought to be, it will be shared. There will not, how­ever, be any casual tweets or likes. Besides, those but­tons waste a lot of space and tend to ruin the read­ing expe­ri­ence.” – J. D. Bentley

Gizmodo Encourages Unfriendship

“When in doubt…Err on the antisocial side. If you’re not sure whether to keep someone in your fake digital social life or not, remind yourself that it’s a fake digital social life and trim the fat. The people who actually matter will never be on the chopping block to begin with. Chop chop. Chop.” – […]